Mental health coaching

for practical support with stress, anxiety and chronic illness.

Hi, I'm Jayne Fox

I'm a Certified Mental Health Coach who supports people dealing with stress, anxiety and chronic illness. Using practical, real-life tools and coaching techniques, I help people make sustainable, healthy changes and support them on their health journey – so that they can live the life they want and do what matters to them.

Jayne Fox mental health coach Wellington New Zealand

I believe that each person is strong, capable and creative, and is the expert on their own situation. As a mental health coach, my role is to walk beside you and give you practical, science-backed strategies and support that will help you on your journey.

What is mental health coaching?

Mental health coaching supports your mental health by focusing on where you are now and where you want to be. It encompasses a wide range of science-based factors that can improve your wellbeing – such as sleep, nutrition, movement, connection, and tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My aim is to empower you to make changes so you can move forward, live the life you want and do what matters to you.

How is mental health coaching different to therapy

How is mental health coaching different to therapy?

Mental health coaching is a new approach that focuses on now and the future. It is about helping you create meaningful changes so you can live the life you want. It draws on the latest information on strategies to improve your health, practical tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and proven, trauma-informed coaching techniques.

In contrast, traditional therapy and counselling may look more closely at how the past informs the present. This is particularly useful if you have extensive trauma to process or want to understand how you got to where you are today.

Interested in trying mental health coaching? Book a free, 30-minute consultation to see if it is right for you.

Get practical support for your mental health

With mental health coaching, you will have a safe space and real-life tools to help you thrive.
Drawing on the latest research in mental wellbeing, my approach is trauma-informed, LGBTQIA+ friendly, neurodiverse-friendly and evidence-based. Contact me for mental health coaching tailored to you and your particular needs: coaching outdoors in Wellington NZ or online via video call. Specialising in stress, anxiety and living with chronic illness.

How can I support you?

Get in touch with me today to book a free 30-minute consultation

Jayne Fox mental health coaching Wellington New Zealand

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