Outdoor mental health coaching in Wellington NZ

Walk and talk, sit and talk or simply grab a coffee

Mental health coaching outdoors in south Wellington

Mental health coaching outdoors is a new way to support your mental health.

By taking our coaching outside, I can offer you support in a relaxed, outdoor setting. This can help you reflect on your life, current situation and goals and create meaningful change to enable a better future.

The mental health coaching I provide combines tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), evidence-based habits and practices to support your mental health and proven coaching techniques - all in an enjoyable outdoor environment on Wellington's south coast.

Learn more about my outdoor mental health coaching below, or see my services page for more information about what I do.

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Jayne Fox

Certified mental health coach and ADHD coach

Benefits of mental health coaching oudoors

Outdoor mental health coaching offers a refreshing alternative to traditional therapy or counselling. Rather than talking about the past, mental health coaching focuses on what is happening in your life right now and where you want to be in the future. It uses coaching techniques and practical strategies to help you move forward towards the life you want.

With coaching outdoors, you can step out of the confines of the conventional office or clinic and into a landscape that encourages relaxation and growth.

Mental health coaching outdoors can reduce stress while creating a sense of openness and freedom that allows for more authentic and spontaneous conversations. Clients often say they feel relaxed, inspired, and empowered to explore their thoughts and feelings here and energised to take action.

Outdoor mental health coaching offers a unique approach to wellbeing that often resonates deeply with people seeking a more relaxed and uplifting experience of mental health support.

Who are outdoor sessions suitable for?

The outdoor mental health coaching that I offer is ideal for anyone in Wellington wanting support with mild to moderate anxiety, struggling with stress for whatever reason or dealing with burnout. It is also invaluable for people wanting ADHD coaching or wanting to increase their resilience and enhance their mental fitness and overall wellbeing.

I work with a wide range of different people. My approach is trauma-informed, neuro-affirming, gender-affirming and LGBTQIA+ friendly. Mental health coaching can be particularly helpful for people who have found traditional therapy or counselling is not always a good fit for them, including people with ME/CFS, Long Covid, ADHD, autism and AuDHD.

I am based in Island Bay in south Wellington, where I offer outdoor mental health coaching sessions around the suburb and south coast. I offer gentle walk-and-talk or sit-and-talk sessions, or conversations over coffee. Of course, if the Wellington weather doesn't play along, we can always take cover inside!

There are absolutely no fitness or mobility requirements for outdoor coaching. We can simply sit and talk outside your door, just as long as you able to get outside.

You are welcome to bring babies, toddlers and children under five to the outdoor sessions. Your dog is welcome, too!

The focus of mental health coaching is on what is happening in your life right now, and how you want to live your life in the future. Each session is based around your particular needs and your agenda – you decide what you want to change in your life, along with when and why.

While it is trauma-informed, mental health coaching is not about delving into the past. If you would like support with this, I can work alongside a therapist or counsellor who can offer their assistance. It is also not about diagnosis, prescribing medications or altering treatment plans from your usual healthcare provider. If needed, I can assist as part of a wider team to offer additional support while you work through any changes.

My availability is limited. Get in touch to book your outdoor mental health coaching today.

Walk-and-talk sessions

During walk-and-talk sessions, we take a gentle stroll along the coast, through the parks and reserves or along the side streets of Island Bay in south Wellington.

Clients say that they find the movement and fresh air inspiring and invigorating. These sessions offer a unique experience where insights often emerge spontaneously as we walk and talk side by side.

The changing scenery provides a dynamic backdrop for meaningful conversations. The gentle exercise can promote relaxation, reduce stress and stimulate creativity, making it easier to explore thoughts and feelings and find a way forward.

These walk-and-talk sessions offer a more relaxed alternative to traditional settings, helping you get in touch with yourself and the world around you. This can lead to a greater sense of calm, as well as new insights and breakthroughs. The outdoor environment provides a feeling of freedom and openness, encouraging fresh perspectives and hope for a brighter future.

Sit and talk outdoors

Sitting outdoors offers a scenic setting for deep conversations in beautiful south Wellington. In a quiet spot by the sea, under a tree or in a local park, you can relax in a peaceful environment that is ideal for exploration and reflection. The natural surroundings provide a sense of grounding and presence, allowing for a focused and insightful conversation.

Clients often find that sitting and talking outdoors provides a comforting and supportive space for sharing thoughts and feelings. Sitting quietly and taking in the outdoors can give you time to reflect on your experiences, uncovering new perspectives and gaining clarity.

These sessions offer a sanctuary away from your day-to-day life where you can explore your thoughts and find your way towards the life you want to live.

Conversations over coffee

Conversations over coffee are another relaxed way to take advantage of mental health coaching in south Wellington. Whether we're enjoying a cuppa by the coast, sitting in a cosy corner of a local café or on a quiet garden bench, each session offers a space to pause, reflect and grow.

Clients often find that meeting in an informal setting provides a great starting point for authentic dialogue and meaningful reflection. As we share the time together, there's a sense of connection and groundedness that encourages openness and insight. 

These sessions offer a refreshing and unhurried alternative to conventional spaces where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and current situation and move forward towards your goals.

Move forward towards the life you want to live. Get in touch to book a session today.

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